On the Western part of the Island of Elba, Plavio Rocchi's family runs a 6 acre vineyard and winery with his family. Winemaker Laura Zuddas oversees the handywork. The original name of the winery is "Agricoop" since they used to receive very small grape quantities from very small farmers around their vineyard. The agricultural Isola d'Elba system has always been very fractioned and sometimes find small vineyards with about only 30 vines owned by three different brothers and needless to say, the brothers did not always get along. The name has been changed to "Terre del Granito" since the "coop" concept is no longer appropriate. Aleatico is a grape varietal typical of Isola d'Elba, the third major Italian island, about 10 miles from the Tuscan coastline. Aletico vines are very difficult to grow since they are very sensitive to many kinds of disease and it is only in a sunny and windy place like Elba that gives the vines the chance tp produce high quality wines.

Terre del Granito Aleatico d'Elba 2004


Aleatico d'Elba 2004


Isola d'Elba


Dark Ruby


Cherry preserves and Stewed Prunes


Dried Berry, Young Port

Food Pairings:

Fruit Tarts and Dessert Cheeses

Grape Variety:

100% Aleatico

Alcohol Level:



Grapes are crushed and fermentated in steel tanks at 80-85° F with skin contact. French oak for 1 year then 6 months in bottle


A wine you will often see with many dessert courses when on the island. Served aside many local fruit tarts.